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Activity Colouring Books

$4.00 ea
Beautifully illustrated activity book filled with many colouring pages, fun puzzles and pony quizzes, all based on our Ponies down at Giddy Up Pony Rides. See if you can recognise the different ponies throughout this book.
16 pages

Giddy Up Gift Cards

Gift Cards

(Silver or Gold Pack)
$20.00 / $30.00 ea (+$3.00 Shipping for Online Purchase)
Present a unique and fun gift of pony rides, carrot feeding at our stables and a a themed old west photograph for a great experience for birthdays or any occassion.
Packaged beautifully in an envelope, the Gift cards are a quality card that entitles the receiver to Pony Rides with us, Carrot Feeding and a Themed Old West Photograph.

There are 2 options:
Pony Ride - 3 laps
Carrot Feeding
Themed Old West Photo

Pony Ride - 6 laps
2x Carrot Feeding
Themed Old West Photo

(Weight Limit 60kg for Pony Rides / Children 3 and under must be accompanied by an adult)
Gift Pack
Giddy Up Gift Cards

Giddy Up Gift Cards

Giddy Up Gift Cards

Giddy Up Gift Cards

Giddy Up Post Cards

(All prices subject to change without notice)